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7 Things That Attract Nigerian Men in 2017

According to relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin, these are the 7 characteristics in women that will make men run after you 1️⃣ A Lady with an above decent paying Job ( at least 200 -250k) 2️⃣ A lady with a foreign passport ( Born in the US or UK ) . 3️⃣ A lady who has MBA or Msc. Bsc almost ...

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8 Types of Women You Should Totally Avoid

The Barbie Very great looks. totally makes all the other guys jealous of you… but that’s all there is about her. No brains whatsoever. What’s worse, she never makes any attempt to get knowledge [or maybe she really just can’t.] The entitled [Cue in Mr. Eazi‘s song; ‘Hollup’] This woman thinks the world revolves around her, she thinks she deserves ...

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8 Words To Use to Make a Woman Feel Sexy

1. Tell her she’s enticing. Afterall her very presence draws you in effortlessly,doesn’t it? 2. Tell her she’s captivating. It’s not just about her curves and smoking-hot body, there’s something about the entire package, the entirety of her femininity which totally captures your imagination. 3. Tell her she’s alluring if you feel her sexiness actually drawing and luring you to ...

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Couples Who Met on Facebook Tell Their Love Story

Awele Nwokolo met Afam JohnPaul Nwokolo after he sent her a friend request on Facebook three years ago. Once she accepted his request and confirmed that they aren’t related, as they both have same last name, he told her to send her house address and her mom’s phone number because as soon as he arrived back in Nigeria, he was ...

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How to Get a Man Using Social Media Within 5 Months

madamenoire.com According to socialite Dokun, these are 17 tested and trusted ways to get yourself a man on social media within the period of 5 months. Do you agree? 1. YOU MUST HAVE A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER (This will enhance your images and beauty for potential suitors) 2. YOU MUST POST BIBLE QUOTES (Every man wants a religious woman) 3. YOU ...

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18 Signs He Is a F*ckboy

Who is a F*ckboy? : A FB is any guy who comes into a ladys life with the sole purpose of taking & taking & taking from her without giving her anything meaningful or noble in return. He takes her time, years of her life, he uses her body as a playground & tool, he stands in the way of ...

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7 Ways to Earn Your Partner’s Respect

1. Paying attention to them when they are expressing their opinion, especially when they are expressing something they are not happy about. 2. It does not matter whether the matter is trivial or life-changing, just seek out their opinion. 3. Celebrate their triumphs. Make a big deal out of every of their victories and achievements. 4. This is not to ...

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